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World Federation of Science Journalists

The World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organisation, representing science journalists' associations globally. The Federation encourages strong, critical coverage of issues in science and technology, environment, health and medicine, agriculture and related fields.   The ABSW is a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists.  NB: The ABSW is no longer a member of the European Union of Science Journalists' Association.  The ABSW left EUSJA at the end of 2013. 

Creators' Rights Alliance

cra-logoThe Creators’ Rights Alliance brings together the major UK organisations representing copyright creators and performers throughout the media - particularly, television, radio and the press.

The CRA campaigns to:

  • Confront growing abuses of creators' rights in all media, particularly newspapers, magazines and broadcasting
  • Defend and improve the intellectual property rights of creators belonging to the member organisations
  • Promote greater understanding of creators' intellectual property rights within the industry and among the public.

The ABSW along with the CRA are supporters of the Fair Terms for Creators campaign.  The campaign states and promotes the seven areas of contract terms which need to be protected so that all creators, including members of the public, are protected when they sign a contract. 

City University

city-university-logoThe Journalism Faculty at City University London "has accrued legendary status within the media" according to The Independent