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Mailing list / Forum - ABSW-L (Google Group)

Our email discussion list and forum, ABSW-L (Google Group), is a lively and informative discussion group of around 250 science journalists, writers and communicators.

You have to be a member of the ABSW before you can sign up to ABSW-L.  Please note that the discussion list is hosted by Google and is a Google Group and that you will need a google account (you do not require a gmail/googlemail email address) to join the group.   You can leave the group at any time via your google account and google group settings, you can also amend how you receive emails - either as they are posted or as a weekly digest.  Read more about google groups/creating a google account.

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ABSW Discussion List Guidelines (these guidelines also apply to LinkedIn and Facebook):

ABSW-L is a private list for ABSW members to foster debate and a sense of community. We encourage members take part in the discussions, but we ask you to stay within the following guidelines:

Healthy debate is fine, but persistent attacks against individuals or organisations will not be tolerated. We want this to be a welcoming place for the discussion and sharing of ideas.

Don’t post content that most people would find offensive or threatening. This includes anything racist, sexist, homophobic, hateful, threatening, insulting, obscene or profane. Please be considerate of other people, even if you have differing views on a subject.

Stay within the law. We will remove anything that is unlawful or that may put us at risk of legal action. This includes defamatory comments.

Stay on topic. In order to keep conversations useful and engaging, we ask you to stick to the topic discussed in the message thread.   Where possible restart a new message thread if the discussion has moved into a new area/issue.

Don’t spam. This is a place for discussion not advertising. We reserve the right to edit/remove content that promotes products, services, or other personal interests, unless we feel it is relevant to members.

Don't use attachments for the entire list, instead provide links or offer to send to individuals directly.  The general rule of thumb with email attachments applies here: 'only send if requested and only to the person requesting it'.

This is a private discussion list for ABSW members. The content of the list should not be used in any other forum without permission.  

Although we will not do so unless necessary, as a last resort, we reserve the right to delete posts and block users from commenting if they fail to keep to our guidelines.



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Our Facebook Group is for ABSW members only to enable discussion, networking and information sharing between members.

Our Facebook Page is public and to provide information to non members as well as members.

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