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ABSW membership costs are £40 for full members, £36 for associate members and £20 for student members. A £5 joining fee is also payable for new members. Please read on to see whether you are eligible for membership and in which category, then complete the application form below and make your membership payment through our payment pages

Membership of the ABSW is open to journalists and writers from all parts of the media, and covering the whole gamut of science, technology, engineering and medicine. You do not need to be British or resident in Britain to join the Association.

All members must renew every January. If you join in July, August, September or October, you will receive a 50% discount on annual membership. Memberships joining in November or December pay full price but will not have to renew until the second January after joining. (In other words, you get 14 months for the price of 12.) All new members are required to pay the additional administration fee of £5.

Make your payment through our
payment pages

The ABSW has three categories of member:

Ordinary (Full) members: people whose principal source of earnings is professional journalism or writing. NB: If professional journalism or writing forms part of your earnings but is not the principal source, you should apply for associate membership. Annual subscription for full membership is £40.

Associate members: for those whose work advances the public awareness of science and technology and/or those for whom journalism or writing is not their principal source of income (eg full time paid academic who might also write a regular newspaper column). Associate members do not have voting rights. Annual subscription for associate membership is £36.

Student members: open to those in a full- or part-time education. You may be on a course training science communication, you may be a science student involved in student journalism or a simply a student journalist with an interest in science journalism. Student members have no voting rights. It is expected that they will progress to ordinary or associate membership if they embark on an appropriate career upon completion of their course. Annual subscription is £20. When applying for membership, we do ask that you demonstrate some evidence of interest in journalism or science journalism. (For example, writing for a student newspaper or blog.)

As part of joining the ABSW, you will have to set a username and password to login to this website. If your application to join the ABSW is successful, you will automatically be added to our directory of members and can choose whether to make your profile public, visible to other members or publicly visible.

Memberships take an average of two weeks to process, at which time you will then hear if your application has been successful. Remember to
make your payment as well as completing the application form below

Additional Information

Many thanks for applying and paying for membership of the ABSW, your application will be reviewed by the Board, and we will let you know the outcome as soon as possible. Applications take an average of two weeks to process, but can take longer during the holidays. Your data will be permanently deleted and your membership fee refunded if you are not approved for membership or if we do not receive your payment on application. Your data will only be retained if you are approved and paid and become a member of the ABSW.