Membership - UKCSJ at the Francis-Crick Institute

How much?

NB: If you wish to join the ABSW you need to complete the application form and pay your fee.

The cost of membership depends on category of membership:

  • Ordinary (Full) members: people whose principal source of earnings is professional journalism or writing. Annual subscription is £40.  
  • Associate members: for those whose work advances the public awareness of science and technology. Also for those whose professional journalism or writing is not their principal source of earnings. Associate members do not have voting rights. Annual subscription is £36.
  • Student members: open to those in a full- or part-time education. You may be on a course training science communication, you may be a science student involved in student journalism or a simply a student journalist with an interest in science journalism. Student members have no voting rights. It is expected that they will progress to ordinary or associate membership if they embark on an appropriate career upon completion of their course. Annual subscription is £20.

NB: If you are a new member joining in July/August/September/October you receive a 50% discount (plus one off £5 joining fee).   If you are a new member joining in November/December you pay the full fee (plus £5 joining fee) but this then runs for 14 or 13 months (ie pay November 2015 your membership runs through until January 2017).

Standing order

Our preferred method of receiving subscription is by an annual standing order to: 

Account number:  21674366

Sort code:  40-04-37.

The ABSW's account is in the name of "ABSW Ltd".

Our address is, 88 The Broadway, Muswell Hill, London, N10 3RX.

Please set the date of first payment to January 1st.

Paypal/Credit/Debit Card (You don't need a paypal account)

You can use the button below to pay even if you don't have your own paypal account, you will be given the option to sign in OR pay by credit/debit card. Do make sure you select the correct category, prices for new members have a £5 admin fee added.

Membership Category: New or Existing - Full/Associate/Student

For International Payments:

IBAN: GB04HBUK40043721674366 (bank account number in internationally recognised format)

BIC 8 (SWIFT BIC): HBUKGB4B (this identifies the bank)

BIC11: HBUKGB4141K (this identifies the bank branch)

Please use a payment reference that includes your full first name, initials and surname.