ABSW awards

Lifetime achievement award

Nominations for this award are now open and close on Wednesday February 27, 2019 (midnight)

Lifetime Achievement awards are granted in some years by the ABSW Executive Board, the Award is not made by self entry (as for all other Awards) but by nomination of an individual to the ABSW Executive. There is no cash prize associated with this award.

The Lifetime achievement award is made to an individual nearing the end of their career, or who is retired (the Award may also be made posthumously). The award celebrates the work of a journalist or writer whose career reflects lifetime achievement in promoting excellence and creativity in science journalism/science writing.   The recipient is recognised for entertaining and informing audiences, and/or for inspiring new generations of journalists and writers, and/or for making a lasting impact in their main area of expertise (i.e. could be within broadcasting, popular science writing, blogging for example).  Nominations are requested from ABSW members and should include a statement outlining why the individual meets the criteria above.   The ABSW Executive Board receives nominations and makes a final decision on who should receive the Award.  It is entirely within the Executive Board’s discretion as to whether or not the Lifetime achievement award should be made in that year.  

To make your nomination please email the relevant details to the ABSW Executive Board via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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