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Two ABSW board members, Anita Makri and Mico Tatalovic, both freelance science journalists, have been elected to the board of the new European Federation for Science Journalism (EFSJ).

EFSJ is a non-profit organisation that aims to promote independent, high-quality science journalism across Europe.

The presidents of all the seven EFSJ founding associations – from France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Russian Federation, Switzerland and the UK – met during a lively general assembly to elect the first governing board and to agree on the first steps for the new federation. The meeting took place at the WCSJ19 in Lausanne, Switzerland, on 4 July 2019, and it was open to all conference delegates.

Krijn Soeteman (VWN, The Netherlands) was elected president, and Olga Dobrovidova (AKSON, Russian Federation) was elected vice-president.

Other board members elected at the AGM are: Arian Bastani (SASJ, Switzerland), Yves Sciama (AJSPI, France), Senne Starckx (VWN, The Netherlands), and Fabio Turone (SWIM, Italy).

EFSJ board will now start working on championing quality and independent science journalism throughout Europe.

Some of its activities will come out of a survey of its members, which was filled in by 83 people and which helped EFSJ identify some common needs across Europe.

EFSJ's initial activities will build on pan-European initiatives of its member associations, and will likely include helping to organize the European Conference of Science Journalism in Trieste, Italy, on 3-4 July 2020; helping to run the second edition of climate investigation grants for European science journalists; and the European Science Journalist of the Year Award.

Want to know more? Find EFSJ on its website, FB page, and Twitter account.