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Provided by Sabine Louët, Editor Sciencepod

NB: These companies are not endorsed by Sabine Louët





Converting audio or video file into text in minutes. (access to beta testing site)


Winner of the Startups for News Award 2016.

Latest tools from the Google News Lab


A collection of useful tools to experiment with for researching (Advanced Search; Reverse Image Search; Public Data Explorer; Google Trends to look at what is trending across Google Search, Google News and YouTube; Google Alerts ; Google News Archive), reporting (with data visualisation on Google Earth Pro, Google My Maps; Google Fusion Tables) on stories as well as distributing them (with Google News Publisher Center; YouTube: Creator Academy; Google Play Newsstand; Google News ) and optimising (Google Analytics) their reach

Content commissioning and content creation management tool (soon to be made available to commissioning editors, you may register your interest with This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), which gives access to SciencePOD's network of tried and tested science journalists and editors



Journalists registration to become part of the network of science journalists, editors and proofreaders



Social Media content monitoring tool


Monitor, analyze, discover social web content for pre-viral and trending stories by predictive insights and the ability to see where your audience's attention is headed in real-time.

Curation tool for curating news quotes and allows to create an alert


Using NLP (natural language processing) to turn text into data, we extract reported speech (the things people say) from the text of online news, along with the associated metadata (things like: the name of the speaker and where they work).

Twitter content curation tool


Storyful discovers, verifies and acquires social media for newsrooms, brands and video producers.. Has a video discovery tool: https://licensed.storyful.com/

News monitoring


x.news helps you spot and break stories faster, monitor primary sources as well as agencies and cross-check more easily for accuracy

Content discovery and news tracking tool



monitors people in your network whose name appears on the internet


Delivers important news about the people who matter to you. Now integrated into LinkedIn, following acquisition

Semantic analysis for media monitoring and automating data into text translation


Syllabs Media: A solution designed for media outlets and content publishers to detect, collect, analyze and link to online news stories. + Data2Content: An agency of robot writers that turn your data into texts (articles, customized emails, reports, product info sheets etc.)

The How To advice for immersive journalism from the Global Editors Network



video news platform for hyper personalised videos:


A mobile-first video platform that brings together news organisations, NGOs and brands. The Newstag service enables users to create their own ‘tagstream’, a personalised TV channel, in seconds, organising, consuming and sharing the stories that they care about among their social networks using the latest web and mobile technologies. The wide variety of stories from trusted sources ranges from entertainment to current affairs through what it calls 'tag streams' or topics of interest, region or language.

Verified eye witness events:  verify, curate, market, license and distribute your videos and photos to our clients, and we share the revenue with creator on a 50/50 basis


If you are a photographer or photojournalist, a videographer, a filmmaker, or simply someone who is living or working in the midst of a major news story, Verifeye Media is interested in helping you get your footage seen by the world, and to get you paid.



59seconds brings emerging news, content verification and privacy protection for
the curious, the activists, and the journalists.

Offers live, real-time analysis and enhancement, thanks to state of the art video processing technologies.


 Turns in real-time any video source into an enriched, navigable, interactive and social content.

International news agency that provides real-time and archive visual news content to all media,


Offers Live streaming – ( live global news events as they are happening), Video on demand (Archive of exclusive and partner-provided video content is searchable by geographic location, news category and topic.), Broadcast services (television facilities and operational support worldwide  allows you to produce compelling content in far-flung areas of the globe)

Video library with quality footage



Video news snippets to embed in your web page



Smart magazine publishing platform


Magazine publishing tool with an AI layer analyses the taste of readers and present the articles with a dynamic size in proportion to readers'  level of interest

On-demand newspapers articles (German, Dutch, English)


You only pay for the stories that you love.

Content curation tool


Create and grow your online presence in minutes by publishing curated content.

Content curation


To collect content that's aligned with your audience's interests. We use natural language processing, machine learning and social signals to analyse and extract the most relevant and engaging stories from social media and the web

Multimedia content  curation tool


Save links to articles, images, videos, tweets and other great content to curate stunning, shareable collections called wakes